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Open and Distance System

The UTPL, a pioneer for distance education in Ecuador and Latin America, now makes higher education possible for more than 32,000 students nationwide and worldwide in undergradu­ate, graduate and special programs.

Since its establishment in 1976, the Open and Distance System has been characterized by the following: it follows the general guidelines of worldwide distance education systems, it provides the possibility to personalize the teaching-learning processes, and it promotes skills training for independent and self-responsible employees: the student is the protagonist of his/her training.



The pedagogical model of this modality focuses on the principle: “what the student can do, should not be done by the teacher”


This helps the teacher to discover, appreciate and respect the unique personality of each student.

Motivation and self-discipline

How a student organizes their behavior is a key factor in learning.

Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming small or large obstacles.

Tools to support the Open and Distance Education System

Videoconference Unit

With the videoconference Unit, the teacher can teach the class with all the tools and supplies found in a physical classroom. The signal is transmitted in real time to 25 virtual classrooms distributed throughout Ecuador.

Virtual learning environment (VLE)

The VLE allows students 24-hour access to the universi­ty regardless of where they live and provides extra-help from teachers, downloadable mate­rials, access to a virtual library, and the ability to review grades on-line, among other benefits.

Virtual library:The virtual library is available to students 24 hours a day from any computer and houses thousands of scientific journals and digital resources that provide information and services.


Benefits of studying in the Open and Distance Education System